Alpe Adria Meeting in Ljubljana

On Saturday February 2nd all Alpe Adria managers met in Ljubljana : Miha S51FB, Petar 9A6A, Walter IW3SPI, Dino IV3FDO, Alex IV3KKW, excused absence Fred OE8FNK.
It has been discussed several topics about the contest management and main changes on rules are :
Modification of AA 2019 contest rules was discussed

o VHF 2019 contest:

a) It was agreed that time frame of the contest is to be moved 1 hour early so:

·  Contest starts at 06:00 GMT ·  Contest ends at 13:59 GMT

b) Category D limit 1600 m A.S.L is to be changed to 1000 m A.S.L.; in order to exclude big fixed stations from this category additional text should be added to the rules.

o UHF/SHF 2019 contest:

– No change

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