Alpe Adria Contest VHF and UHF & Mw 2023

The final results of the Alpe Adria contests have been finalised and pubblished.

Thank you to Fred OE8FNK who did the evaluation on behalf of OeVSV.

VHF : in 2023 there are 360 different station in the classifications, 182 in category A won by the S59DEM team, 13 stations in category B won by S51ZO. 140 stations in the C category won by the IZ5FDD team, and 25 participants in category D won by OK1RCA.

UHF & Up : on 70 cm we have 129 participants and the winner is the IQ4CT team; on 23cm the OK2KKW team win over all the 63 participants. On 13cm band we have 28 participants, 13 stations on 9cm and 14 on 6cm, all these three bands has been won by OE5VRL. On 10 GHz we have OE5VRL who won also this band with 30 participants . On 24 GHz YO3GNF/p is the winner, on 47 and 76 GHz OE5VRL and OE5LJM/5 won on both bands. As expected, OE5VRL is also the winner of the General Ranking.

The prizing ceremony will be on February 25th, 2024 in the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, during the RIS24 event organised by the ZRS.

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Alpe Adria Meeting – 2023

Besides the prizing ceremony, it has been held also the annual meeting for the management group of the Alpe Adria Contests.
Miha S51FB welcomed the foreign managers: Fred OE8FNK, Lucio IV3HWT, and Alex IV3KKW.

The group thanked Walter IW3SPI, who resigned this year after his long service in ARI Alpe Adria management; Lucio IV3HWT is the new Italian manager.

You can read the minutes of the meeting here.

Ljubljana – RIS 2023

Last February 4th, during the annual ZRS Technical meeting in Ljubljana, it has been the Alpe Adria Contests’ prizing ceremony for the year 2022.

Participants coming from Italy, Croatia, and Hungary have been present to receive their prizes.

All the participants can download their certificates from the S5 Contest Robot – SHF/UHF and VHF

The 2023 edition will be managed by the OeVSV and we invite all to take part in them.

Alpe Adria Contest UHF & Mw 2021 – Final Result

Walter IW3SPI published the final results for the 2021 Alpe Adria UHF & Mw Contest.

On the website you can find all classifications, we received 288 logs from 432 MHz to 47 GHz.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to all category winners.

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Alpe Adria Contest 2019 – Final Result

Fred OE8FNK just finished the evaluation for 2019 Alpe Adria Contests.

On the web site you will find all classifications for VHF and UHF & Up .

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to all category winners.

Alpe Adria Contest Prizing Ceremony

On February 2nd in Ljubljana during the Radioamatersko izobraževalno srečanje 2019 it has been prized all the winners of Alpe Adria 2018 contests.

You can see all the meeting’s presentations (in slovenian language) on the video clip.

Prizing ceremony is at 2:35:00

Alpe Adria Meeting in Ljubljana

On Saturday February 2nd all Alpe Adria managers met in Ljubljana : Miha S51FB, Petar 9A6A, Walter IW3SPI, Dino IV3FDO, Alex IV3KKW, excused absence Fred OE8FNK.
It has been discussed several topics about the contest management and main changes on rules are :
Modification of AA 2019 contest rules was discussed

o VHF 2019 contest:

a) It was agreed that time frame of the contest is to be moved 1 hour early so:

·  Contest starts at 06:00 GMT ·  Contest ends at 13:59 GMT

b) Category D limit 1600 m A.S.L is to be changed to 1000 m A.S.L.; in order to exclude big fixed stations from this category additional text should be added to the rules.

o UHF/SHF 2019 contest:

– No change